Blowback from the Ali Al Amine Accusation Will Damage Nasrallah

علي الأمين

The prosecution, that is indeed a mere accusation or claim, of the distinguished religious scholar al-Sayyed Ali Al-Amine for meeting Israeli officials is beyond a farce, as it overcomes Hezbollah, the main provocateurs through their legal arms in Baabda palace, with bankruptcy and a resounding scandal. Hezbollah’s unquestionable breach of morality as well as humanitarian, religious, and legal standards, will never succeed in tarnishing the honorable history of Sayyed Ali Al-Amine. This fabricated accusation, as they well know, will only act against their own interest ultimately.

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By now it is clear to everyone that accusation of treason are a means by Hezbollah to silence and subdue dissenting opinion towards the authorities it controls within the State. The most recent of these attempts, was the prosecution of the former Mufti of Tyre Sayyed Ali Al Amine for the crime of meeting with Israeli officials.

This accusation against of Mr. Al-Amin’s resulted due to his participation in a conference in Bahrain on religions, in which religious leaders and social and cultural figures from around the world participated, including an Israeli rabbi. Among the Lebanese participants were the Lebanese ambassador to Bahrain, the Makhzoumi Foundation, and Archbishop Nefon Seikali; as well as Christian and Muslim Arab clerics.

Upon Sayyed Al-Amine’s arrival, he declared that he was not aware of the participation of Israeli clerics. This did not prevent Hezbollah from launching a campaign against him. The campaign led to the summoning of Sayyed Ali Al Amine by the General Security, notably with the exception of any other Lebanese participant in the conference. No official Lebanese announcement was issued towards either the conference, the ambassador, or any subsequent complains.

All of the above reveals with out a shred of doubt that Sayyed Ali Al Amine, who is one of the most prominent religious scholar and judge amongst his Lebanese Shia contemporaries, has been accused and summoned for the crime of cooperating with the Israeli nationals. The reason behind this accusation is that he belongs to the minority of Shiite scholars who declare their allegiance to the Islamic, Arab, and Lebanese project in contrast to the Iranian project and Hezbollah policies in Lebanon and the Arab world.

The attempt to target Sayyed Al-Amine using this charge cannot exclude the fact that this attack falls against his position as a Shiite religious scholar. The targeting of Sayyed Ali’s despite his position signifies the removal of religious protection that Nasrallah himself is known to take advantage of. If some do not realize the significance of this senseless attack against a well-known and respected figure, they should expect that this paves the way towards removal of protections from Nasrallah and all other religious figures.

These allegations reflect their frustration from the varying opinions that are a reflection of the school of ijtihad is entrenched in the Shiite doctrine; no matter how hard they attempt to distort and abbreviate the doctrine as loyalty to one person: Khaminaei.

Targeting Sayyed Ali Al Amine in this manner a few weeks after releasing Amer Fakhoury, who was an Israeli Agent during the occupation, from under the hands of Hezbollah proves one thing: “Support Hezbollah and do what you please”. The repatriation and protection of Carlos Ghosn, who has previously met with multiple Israeli officials including Benjamin Natenyahu, was not objected by Hezbollah despite its illegality and its costs when it comes to Lebanon’s relationship with Japan. Hezbollah were again silent over the participation of Gebran Bassil in the demonstration of solidarity with the victims of Charlie Hebdo in Paris in which he marched few meters apart from Israeli officials including Natenyahu. There are many other examples of members of the Free Patriotic Movement whose allegiance to Hezbollah was enough to prevent their accusation and prosecutions. All of the aforementioned facts have proven that cooperation with Israeli’s is a charge used to extort and bargain with. In the meantime, Hezbollah continues to paint all of their opposition as agents of different varieties.

The targeting of Sayyed Ali Al-Amine is a clear message to opponents of Hezbollah’s pollical plans of all sects. It describes the extent of the bankruptcy reached by the authorities who are suffering from financial and economic crises as well. Today, and from the office of their District Attorney, they are declaring political bankruptcy.

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