A Tempting Final Settlement For Lebanon


As Emmanuel Macron arrives to Beirut next week with parliamentary consultations due at its beginning, Riad Salemeh paving the way for floating the exchange rate, and the resistance passing the test of holding off on retaliation; is Lebanon now closer than ever to the final settlement that has imposed itself on the region and its nations?

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The nations of North Africa and the Middle East, including Lebanon, are awaiting changes initiated by powerful nations in cooperation with regional ones. The chapters of the settlement have not yet been completed. However, their indicators have begun to appear, respectively, in Libya, Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, and many Gulf countries.

Geopolitical Changes

The geopolitical change in the region did not bring about anything new, as the sources of tension are themselves the leaders of change. European and international leaders continue to rule and remain the same. In the United States, the odds seem to favor a relection of Donald Trump, as Biden appears to be just a default candidate who only serves to prove that the Democrats still exist. The fact is that there are no imminent elections that await the Europeans, Wilayat Al-Faqih in Iran remains, Erdogan is the new Emperor Mohamad in Turkey, the Arab kings and princes are comfortable atop their thrones, President Sisi, in spite of anyone and everything, is here to stay, Sudan is in the helm of the strong military, but the weak Bashar Al-Assad’s fate rests in Putin’s hands. All that remains is Palestine, who will sit this one out as their cause has been seized by international parties while it awaits the results. In light of all that and in an environment of emerging peace deals and normalization, confrontation surely seems to be lacking in support and financing.

Lebanon is exhausted and the Lebanese are fed up. They need a truce in order to catch a breath after worn down by crises and internal conflict. Their country, and according to what appears to be in store for it, will be on a date with a new economic, social, financial, and political regiment. All of their wealth, state assets, and financial policies will be placed at the disposal of international banks and monetary funds. The important question that remains is what will Lebanon choose in the near future? Will it choose to participate or be an observer of these changes? Will it be the center of its change or will it only be a springboard for change in the region?

All Lebanese, including politicians, must be aware of the changes and invest in them. They must do so because they are incapable to enact change themselves. Confrontation, if called on by some, will result in an inevitable defeat. Clashing with all world powers is impossible. The consensus on the necessity of imposing a new equation is vast and quite solid. Accordingly, the great remaining hope of the Lebanese people and their children for a less cruel future than the hateful past is dependent on this new equation. The people need to pass through to the next stage with as little additional costs as possible!

ماكرون والزيارة المُرتقبة.. هل تُخرج جارة القمر من عزلتها!
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