On His Return to Government: Here are Hariri’s Demands

سعد الحريري

Ongoing conversations are occurring within political circles about the resignation of Prime Minister Hassan Diab and his government followed by the emergence of a possible reconciliation attempt between the old political powers involving the return of former Prime Minister Saad Hariri. Within this context, Hariri declared: “Political vacuum is devastating to Lebanon. The chance to save the country exists and the solution involves changing the old political mechanisms of quotas and rebuilding the country upon new foundations.” He added: “There are non-negotiable conditions for my return to office; the country needs to function in a completely different manner. If we do not reject the sectarian quotas, nothing will ever change.”

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In a follow up exchange with members of the media, Hariri said: “We are in the midst of an economic crisis and we need reform. I heard what PM Diab said. He did not mention reform nor electricity. He only attacked the diplomatic process that we need in order to operate. This crisis has damaged the economy, and the IMF is willing to bail us out. However, where are the reforms? I am shocked by Diab’s comments about conspiracy. The government must act take the helm.”

On the incident with the US ambassador, he said: “We never heard similar complaints when the Syrian ambassador spoke previously in a similar manner.”

Hariri pointed out that: “Neutrality was not respected during my time in government, our opposition continued to criticize the Gulf states whom we are asking for help from today!”

On the subject of seeking out China, he responded: “Some believe that China will bring in funds without the proper reforms in place. No party in government is against China; however, we are required to instate the proper reforms to make use of these investments before we begin procuring them.”

Hariri said: “I will not sponsor anyone associated with me to become Prime Minister… I do not wish to become Prime Minister, and I am not considering being a Prime Minister nor did I talk to El-Ferzli about this matter.”

He continued: “When we’re partnered within the cabinet with a movement that seeks to sabotage everyone, how are we supposed to work?” He also pointed out that: “We had a golden opportunity with CEDRE, and we should have quickly formed a new cabinet, but demands piled on… The solution to the dollar crisis begins with reforms.”

He concluded by saying: “I am not a savior. We are all saviors. We all made concessions on behalf of the people and our voters when we voted for the president as well as the electoral law. Today, it is the current administration that needs to make the concessions.”

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