A short account of the Iranian ideology

Ali Al Amine wrote a comment summarizing the current Iranian ideology

Sharing: What are the three Slogans used by Iran to achieve its influence today?

3 slogans have been used so far by the Iranian ideology to infiltrate the Arab region and it has justified everything to achieve that. These slogans are:

1- Calling for Islamic unity: “ No eastern nor western but an Islamic republic.”

2- The Liberation of Palestine: “On and on towards Jerusalem.”

3- Ending the American and the communist influence in the region: “ Death to America, death to Russia.”

The resultant of these entire slogans was more American and Russian influence, more wars between Muslims, and the furthering of Israeli occupation. What was achieved however is, the undeclared slogan: Iranian influence over part of the ruins of the Arab region.

آل صلح: نحن طلاب عدالة و لسنا طلاب ثأر
التوماهوك الأميركي والغارات الإسرائيلية تغيب عن خطاب نصرالله