All Political Roads Lead to Hell!


It’s not normal that Lebanese politicians caution from an indefinite rise in dollar price to occur in the coming days, as everyone is running for the hills. It’s also not normal for the Speaker of the Parliament Nabih Berri to complain about the current political situation like any other citizen when he said: “Pushing the country down with consistent obstruction and excessive indulgence in political absurdities is an act that amounts to the level of treason in Lebanon”. Simultaneously, the ambassadors of the United States of America, France, and Saudi Arabia meet to discuss the Lebanese situation, and the European Union foreign ministers also meet in Brussels to discuss the situation of Lebanon.

What is happening today is the unfolding of the scenes of total collapse, and they can be seen in different forms on a daily basis. One form is the death of a child on Sunday after her parents could not secure and ICU room for her or proper medication. Additionally, there are reports that indicate that an increasingly large segment of the Lebanese population is eating less than 2 meals per day. To top that off, the syndicate of medicine importers today announced that the current stockpile can only last 3 more weeks, and not mentioning that the fuel crisis continues and bread prices are increasing on a week to week basis.

A Surreal Situation!

Clearly, no one has a more definitive answer than the acknowledgement that we are headed to the hell Michel Aoun once promised, and Lebanon is now the main dish on the table of the global decision makers in light of the bleak outlook of the government formation that had been requested. That remains due to the same old political quarrels over appointments and quotas. This surrealism that the Lebanese are experiencing, according to MP Qassem Hashem, member of the Liberation and Development Bloc (AMAL Movement), is a result of the collapse taking place. “It seems that we are heading towards complete and total collapse that will sweep the entire country away, and this is a result of the obstinacy and maliciousness practiced by the political class” said Hashem to Janoubia. He considered that: “What is happening today is within the framework of the push to improve positions and achieve sectarian and partisan gains, and building on improving that position through doubling down at the expense of the country and the dignity of the people while ignoring the seriousness of all these setbacks.”

A Dead End

Faysal Sayegh, MP for the Democratic Convention, agrees that: “The formation of the government has reached a dead end with no alternative options left. The Progressive Socialist Party has been urging everyone to offer some concessions, but it appears that no one is accepting which puts us in front of a big dilemma”.

He believes that what is happening “can be linked to the upcoming parliamentary elections” that are expected to be held on March of 2022. “This means that we are few months away from the deadline of forming a cabinet” he continued. “The international community appears to want to deal with a post elections Lebanon. Currently, their influence will only be at the level of aid and humanitarian relief, as there is US-French-Saudi coordination on these issues as well as maintaining support for the Lebanese army.”

Descent towards Hell

When it comes to the Strong Republic Bloc (the Lebanese Forces), Janoubia spoke to MP Joseph Isaac who explained that: “It is not surprising that a collapse occurs after the same political class monopolized the reins of power for many years. They were tried several times, be it through majority governments or national consensus governments in which everyone participated in. Unfortunately, all the attempts resulted in failure, and there is no hope left within them. This is especially as they continue to overlook their responsibilities in protecting the border from smuggling or the mandatory reserves from being spent.”

He added: “The only hope is for a revolution from within their support base. The tragedy lies in the fact that they have no empathy with that base who suffers under the full weight of an unmatched economic crisis. Meanwhile, all their thoughts and struggles are over retaining political power and quotas.”

“The following days will see our final descent towards the hell Michel Aoun promised us with one day, and all those who put their faith in this political authority will be mistaken because they have never produced something other than misery and despair!”

فهمي يفرّ من غضب أهالي شهداء المرفأ.. ويغادر منزله الى اليرزة!
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