For Hezbollah, All Roads Lead to Division.

حزب الله

In Lebanon, every solution scenario that plays out ultimately reaches Hezbollah’s weapons and then abruptly stops. This is due to Hezbollah having veto power over all potential economic, financial, and social solutions, as they continue to play their political role as a part of the regional Iranian Syrian axis.

Today, replacing the current political class hinges upon the arms of Hezbollah which are used to protect their allies in power. An independent government and early elections sit on the final hurdle which is Hezbollah’s refusal. The election of any leader by the people to any one of Lebanon’s three leadership positions is contingent on whether he/she is an ally or pledges allegiance to Hezbollah. Even financial relief from an Arab reconciliation or from the World Bank is subject to their approval, and that cannot be bypassed even in the form of humanitarian relief! Yet, Iranian money continues to reach Hezbollah, their members, and no one else.

Money from Iran does not reach “Lebanese society” in any way. It doesn’t come in the form of aid, infrastructure projects, or fuel and electricity supply. Hezbollah continue to expect the Lebanese authorities to address these crucial needs despite them controlling most of these authorities through their allies in power. All heads of state today, as well as the government, are in Hezbollah’s hand. They also control the parliamentary majority. What are the obstacles then?\

What is Preventing Hezbollah?

Who is preventing Hezbollah from getting relief to the burdened Lebanese people? Within their proven capabilities at least. Who is preventing them from enabling the return of the Syrian refugees back to their country? At least those who are supporters of their ally, Bashar al-Assad, and his regime. Who is preventing Hezbollah from ending the unstable security situation within its sphere of influence in the Northern Bekaa regions of Baalback and Hermel? Who is preventing Hezbollah from curbing the illegal smuggling operations through illegal channels that are occurring under their supervision? If Hezbollah are able to monitor the passage of any terrorist into Lebanese grounds; aren’t they able to monitor and prevent hundreds of trucks from illegally crossing from Lebanon into Syria on a daily basis? Within their territories at least? Can’t they prevent the smuggling of millions of dollars’ worth of subsidized products from the pockets of Lebanese into the pockets of Syrians!?

Also, why did Hezbollah block all previous attempts of developing a defensive strategy that includes merging with the Lebanese army? Can’t the Lebanese army manage and use Hezbollah’s long-range missiles to protect Lebanon from Israel if they gained access to them? Similarly, there are many more similar questions occurring in the minds of the Lebanese people.

In the absence of any reasonable explanation, hypothesis that Hezbollah publicly rejects arise. What if they did not seek the solution that most Lebanese seek? What if they had a solution that they’re waiting to enforce on everyone else? What if they were suspending any final solutions in order to implement Iran and Syria’s regional agenda? What if Hezbollah wanted division? What if their goals were to marginalize the other sects of Lebanon?

All these assumptions may turn out to be incorrect, but what is certain is that Hezbollah cannot continue to impose this coexistence. It is as if they are intentionally pushing towards division! Knowing that, today, Lebanon is too small to be divided into geopolitical territory, does Hezbollah want, in the meantime, a solution to the crises in Lebanon?

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