From Beirut Port to “Qard Al-Hasan” Foundation: Nasrallah Tells Half the Story

انفجار المرفأ
Telling half the tale was the prominent feature of Secretary General of Hezbollah Hassan Nasrallah’s speech about the Beirut Port explosions and the “Qard Hassan” association yesterday.

Hezbollah’s Secretary General, Hassan Nasrallah, seems overtly immersed in lecturing these days, due to being distanced from the true political and social conditions in Lebanon. instead, he appears to be more concerned with identifying with the Iranian project while his thinking consumed with what is happening in the region.

In addition to the contradictions, the solutions with which Nasrallah approached Lebanon’s crucial issues yesterday were significantly lacking.

In the case of the Beirut Port explosions, Nasrallah called on the Lebanese judiciary and the judicial investigator to reveal the truth of what happened, and to reveal to the public the results of the ongoing investigations by the security agencies. However, where is Hezbollah in all of this?

Nasrallah did not call on Hezbollah’s security apparatus to do anything, despite their intelligence capabilities being likely able to reveal some truths and facilitate the investigation process. He did not order his party’s security apparatus to assist in finding the truth, just as he never did during the investigations of the Hariri assassination.

Can any sane person knowledgeable in Lebanese affairs believe that Hezbollah, with all their security capabilities from internal, external, and secret security forces, who have succeeded in breaching almost all security measures in Lebanon, and internationally in their battles against Israel, the United States, and the West! Can anyone believe that this security apparatus does not have any information concerning what occurred in connection with the plan, execution and direct operation of the Beirut Port explosions?!

Can we even assume or assert that Hezbollah do not have some information that can aid the investigation at the very least? Everyone knew that the maritime movement within the port was subject to the surveillance of multiple Hezbollah security groups under the guise of “Necessities of resistance”. Why did Hezbollah not provide the information they have available concerning the crime scene to the judicial investigator and end all disputes?

Instead, the Secretary General simply throws the ball into the court of the Lebanese security and judicial authorities and holds them solely responsible. Hezbollah then continue through their media, supporters, and legal teams to resume their attacks on all and everyone who accuses them of negligence or any responsibility whatsoever concerning the Beirut Port explosions. Nasrallah’s take on the investigation of the explosions was also lacking and unconvincing.

Ignoring the History of “Qard Al-Hasan

The same applies to what he said about Al-Qard Al-Hassan Foundation. Nasrallah concealed the fact of the widespread investments the foundation made inside and outside Lebanon using its depositors money. He also failed to discuss the history of the foundation when Hezbollah clashed with its original owner Sheikh Mohamad Ismail Khaliq and the Islamic Cooperation Association. It is also well known that certain employees in Lebanese commercial banks were receiving sums of money from the foundation as part of the investment schemes that led to the current financial and economic crisis. This was also some of what Nasrallah hid from the public in his last speech.

When talking about how Hezbollah is being unceremoniously attacked by accusations of trafficking contraband material, Nasrallah missed the point on several occasions. The best testament to that is the failure of the drug abuse and trafficking combat unit in the Lebanese Army Intelligence and the Intelligence Bureau have failed on countless occasions in the past few years to enter certain neighborhoods in the South Suburb of Beirut which is controlled exclusively by Hezbollah. They are unable to arrest of apprehend any individual or gang member involved in drug trafficking without receiving a green light from Hezbollah’s security committee. Most of the trafficking operations of contraband, within Shiite regions in particular, are carried out with the knowledge of the party and its security apparatus. They cannot claim to be free from any responsibility towards this file. In addition to that, these operations constitute a great source of hard currency for Hezbollah who are ready to commit a lot in order to maintain them especially in light of the economic blockade Imposed on them by the American

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