Aoun and Hariri Delay Cabinet Formation: No New Government in 2020!

The positive atmosphere surrounding the cabinet formation which were conveyed by Designated Prime Minister Saad Hariri quickly faded away following his visit to Baabda Palace on Wednesday yesterday.

Hariri mourned the formation process that was expected to be complete before the holidays, saying: “I maintain hope that there will be a government, but considerable complications remain. However, the political challenges are clear.” He noted that: “Following the new year, there will be a new government. Following the formation, we will immediately begin working hard using quick and decisive action to interrupt the collapse with the help of our allies and the international community.”

Hariri added following his meeting with President Michel Aoun yesterday in Baabda: “Don’t let anyone tell you that we cannot prevent the collapse, but we need a cabinet of specialists to do so. I will not let up until the cabinet is formed and trust is rebuilt. We are running out of time in the face of this rapid collapse.” He continued: “The greatness of Lebanon stems from the Lebanese. Only us Lebanese can stop the collapse, but we must remain humble. Lebanon deserves sacrifice.”

He concluded by stressing the need: “[t]o accelerate the formation of the cabinet” as it is “the foundation” and that “we need people whom we can rely on for the ensuring the best interest of the country.” He added: “ We may be going through delays in the formation—and this causes pressure on the country, but President Aoun and I are keen on achieving it.”

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