General Mobilization Declared: What Comes Next?

كورونا ايران

In the wake of the confirmation of 99 cases of Corona virus infections and 3 deaths in Lebanon, the Lebanese government headed by Hassan Diab announced yesterday, Sunday, a state of general mobilization to confront the epidemic. Will this step be sufficient? And when must a state of emergency be declared?

On this matter, informed sources close to the Supreme Defense Council told Aljoumhouriya Newspaper that during the meeting discussions were held over possible measures to take. Consensus fell short of declaring a state of emergency and settled on the declaration of a “General Mobilization” that could pave the way for it instead.

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On the reasons for this declaration, sources stated that a decision announcing a state of emergency remains premature and unnecessary because the substantial material and monetary costs that would be incurred. Instead, a general mobilization is enough to effectively confront the current situation. Consequently, the President called for a meeting with the advisor to the Ministry of Defense, former Minister Naji Al-Bustany, along with all other members of the Ministry to provide legal explanations for this step as well as all its requirements in order to facilitate its execution.

One member of the Council told Aljoumhouriya that the research focused on clause “D”, which dealt with the possibility of “seizing money and imposing services on the certain individuals.” In this case, the constitutional and legal provisions relating to the declaration of a state of emergency are observed. That procedure can be used in order to facilitate the state of “General Mobilization.

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