Thousands of Households in Jeopardy as the Private Sector Threatens Civil Disobedience

ساحة الشهداء

As Lebanon goes through its worst economic and financial crisis ever, a new type of movement is emerging. Over 1000 institutions and companies have called for an assembly in downtown Beirut to announce a position that can be best described as civil disobedience.

A representative of this assembly told “Al-Joumhouriya” that they are expecting, in these persisting economic circumstances, the closure of 500-1000 companies a month and consequently the release of thousands of employees.

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He noted that figures indicate over 560 thousand households are living off the private sector, and that today more that half of them are at risk of sinking into poverty in the next four to five months.

He continued saying: “Based on that, our priority will be- as we will announce today- paying wages to employees and their families and not to the state. This is especially since the taxes that we pay to the state are pocketed, not to mention that some private companies do not comply pay taxes to the state or evade tax payments regularly.”

Sources have said that the companies participating in the assembly today are moving towards declaring a halt on tax payments pending the implementation of a national rescue plan; as this is the option that will protect employees and ensure that they continue receiving their salaries.

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