Popular Mobilizations that Support the Authority Figures are also Supporting Corruption

رياض الصلح

Political analysts observing the current events in Lebanon were surprised at the efforts of many organized supporters of political parties yesterday and today. These groups and their movements came in support of the current political figures in Lebanon.

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The observers found it surprising that the same political figures solved not even on of the many problems that protestors have been shouting against in the past 20 days. Instead, they only managed to organize their own public and deploy them on the streets to support their remain in power.

These movements that aim to support the political authorities are seen to be ultimately in support of the continuation of the financial and political corruption that the government has suffered from for the past several decades. Therefore, any movements that support the corrupt government will not have any national legitimacy and can only postpone the inevitable demise of this government. Meanwhile, the current administration fear mongers and warns of serious consequences, would they leave their positions of power.

Activists in the free popular movement called for pressuring the president and the current parliament to form a cabinet distant from all parties and the current ruling political class swiftly as a prelude to early parliamentary elections; signaling the dissolution of the political contract by a large group of the Lebanese people participating in the popular protests demand who have relinquished completely their support for their elected officials of the 2018 parliamentary elections.

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