From Hariri to Mikati to Obstruction to Collapse!

The same political authority will often produce similar results. Especially when the new designated Prime Minister has even less popularity than the former. The Mikati government will resemble previous governments but with less Sunni support, more quotas for sectarian leaders, and less commitment to the French initiative, in addition to the continuation of financial protections. If this government is formed, its goal won’t be to reform, but rather prepare for the parliamentary elections.

As always, the Ministry of Finance will belong to the Shiites (Hezbollah and Amal). The Ministry of Energy will belong to the Free Patriotic Movement. The Ministry of Interior will belong to the Sunnis, and the Ministry of Public Work will belong to the “Marada” of Slaiman Frangiyeh. And finally, the blocking third will once again return to the party of the president. How can this formation possibly be considered reformative?

In fact, it does not aim to create any sort of change. Reform is once again not the goal.

Before its formation, the Hassan Diab government was named the deputy of bankruptcy. The bankruptcy took place shortly after, and it completely failed in managing the crisis. Today, PM Mikati’s government, if formed, will be known as the deputy of collapse. What awaits this government is much greater that the political authorities’ abilities to solve. This is because stakeholders are the subjects of their interests first and foremost. They maintain their interests above those of the citizens whose lives and futures are at the mercy of those same leaders.

The Mikati government, if formed, will be the same as Hariri’s former government and the one that was never formed: An empty framework with true purpose. This is not a subjective matter. The Lebanese have wasted long years putting the same politicians in the same positions, and they are sick of expecting different results! This government will be either comatose or still born. There is no need to “give it another chance”, the people are living in Misery, and they cannot afford more experimentation. The only revolutionary solution is in a fully independent government, with exceptional legislative powers.

However, Hezbollah will never allow such a government to operate. The Lebanese agenda cannot be favored over the regional Iranian one. We continue sinking deeper and wasting valuable time from the life of the nation and its citizens.

Will it be Mikati? Will it be Hariri? Those are not the questions, and certainly not the answers. The possibility of rescue is absent. The popular vote has been cast in advance: No confidence!

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