Ali Al Amine: Nasrallah Ought to But Fuel Rather Than Sell Empty Words.

علي الامين

Following the Secretary-General of Hezbollah’s speech on Tuesday, in which he challenged the Lebanese state by announcing his decision to buy Iranian fuel, Ali Al-Amin, editor-in-chief of Janoubia, said that: “Nasrallah’s speech cannot be taken seriously. It’s merely a political stunt at a turning point for Lebanon. This current stage requires genuine effort and strategic decisions in order to manage the crisis,” adding: “Nasrallah is only selling words.”

Al Amine questioned the announcement by asking: “If you can bring in fighters, rockets, and other items into Lebanon undeterred, why are you unable to bring in gasoline and fuel? This is merely an attempt to score points. If you wanted to bring in something to Lebanon you would have so, even if it was against the will of the entire population”.

In a televised interview on Wednesday, Ali Al Amine pointed out that: “Nasrallah had previously claimed that Iran could bring fuel to Lebanon and could arm the Lebanese army. This time, Nasrallah is talking about buying oil from Iran, which is subject to the state’s approval.” He continued, asking: “Since when was Nasrallah concerned with the state’s approval? Was he interested in it when Lebanon rejected his intervention in Syria? Does he concern himself with Lebanon’s rejection of Hezbollah’s security and military status in the Lebanon? When was Lebanon’s official position important to Nasrallah? All his allies are in power, so who are the ones are objecting in the first place?” adding: “Personally, I hope Nasrallah brings in fuel and gasoline from Iran instead of using the state position as an excuse. He should also start by bringing oil to Syria as well.”

Al Amine continued: “There is no doubt that the crisis is deep and the solutions are not being implemented as Nasrallah wishes, but the arrival of Iranian fuel to Lebanon is not being prevented by any party. Rather, what Nasrallah said are empty words. Neither does Iran want to send oil, nor does Hezbollah plan to request it. Otherwise, it would have already happened with little media attention. After all, Nasrallah is the one holding power.”

He continued: “We are in a dilemma and all political forces are required to move and take steps that are greater than empty promises. I expect that there will be an explosion at the political and social level resulting from the tensions in the country, as the price of the dollar has reached 14700L.L.”

In the interview, Al Amine touched on the Presidency of Michel Aoun by saying: “I wouldn’t say that Hezbollah is a part of the Presidency, rather this presidency is a part of Hezbollah. Hezbollah are the ones who brought Michel Aoun, they are the one’s securing Nabih Berri his position as Speaker of Parliament, and they are the ones who have the final say on who gets to be Prime Minister. They have near total control over power centers across the entire country and its borders.” Commenting on Nasrallah’s demands to fight monopolies and smugglers, he said: “He ought to start doing himself what he is demanding. If Hezbollah were not participating in the smuggling or in charge it of even, they have a duty to protect the borders that they oversee. These smuggling operations are taking a large toll on the Lebanese people, and It is not acceptable that Nasrallah demands that monopolizing and smuggling be controlled before they themselves begin actually preventing these shipments from leaving the borders.”

He added: “Nasrallah’s speech was him running away from responsibility, and an attempt to evade blame for the crisis which occurred due to the absence of measures that Hezbollah approves of while rejecting the return of the sovereign state.” He considered that: “The militia has taken over the state, but does not want to bear its responsibilities. They simply cannot be the final decision maker in everything relating to politics, but denounce responsibility at the first sign of a crisis!”

Regarding any potential dispute between Hezbollah and the Free Patriotic Movement, Al-Amine said: “The FPM has handed over all its cards to Hezbollah, but there always remains a popular need, especially within the Christian camp, to maintain and prove that the FPM is not beholden to Hezbollah and can disagree with them on certain issues. Their relationship with Hezbollah is similar to a Maronite (Permanent) marriage.”

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