Nasrallah Announces Preparedness to Buy Fuel from Iran as he Challenges Authorities to Prevent it.

Following the commotion caused by Hezbollah MP’s and supporters on social media on Monday regarding Iran’s willingness to sell fuel to Lebanon in exchange for Lebanese Pounds, the Secretary General of Hezbollah Hassan Nasrallah confirmed the news by saying: “Iran is ready to deliver diesel and gasoline to Lebanon for Lebanese Pounds. As soon as Lebanon approves the Iranian aid, you will see fuel ships immediately on their way.”

In a speech he delivered on Tuesday, the 30th anniversary of the founding of Al-Manar channel, he added: “All the humiliation that the Lebanese people suffer in front of gas stations ends quickly when the decision is made to abandon America and import oil from Iran and in the Lebanese pound.”

Nasrallah declared in rebellion against the Lebanese state: “We, as Hezbollah, will directly negotiate with the Iranian government the purchase of fuel and gasoline which will be delivered through Beirut port. We challenge anyone to prevent us from bringing them in.”

On the matter of economic struggles, he said: “our information states that food and medicine are being hoarded by merchants who are well known and politically protected.” He stated that: “Hezbollah is prepared to offer 20,000 volunteers to support the government in its fight against corruption”, adding that: “Solutions to the economic crisis need years to take effect, so we should not wait any further to begin implementing them… The current government must wage a war on hoarders and monopolies.”

The Government Formation

Regarding the formation of the government, Nasrallah said: “We stand by Parliament Speaker Nabih Berri and support him. We must continue to work and not despair and”, adding that “the performance of officials is weak on all current issues. This is increasing the people’s suffering, and the government must bear responsibility.”

Regarding the parliamentary elections, he said: “It did not occur to us to postpone the parliamentary elections, and we did not discuss this matter with any of our allies. We are still against early parliamentary elections, as resorting to them is a waste of time.” And for those who demand early parliamentary elections, he said: “Instead of talking about early parliamentary measures, please go ahead and form a government!”

The Palestinian Situation

On the events happening in Palestine and Jerusalem specifically, Nasrallah said: “What is happening has to be followed by all the Arab nations, not just the Palestinians”, pointing out that they are up against a “hateful and foolish enemy, as everyone knows the extent of the political, social, and cultural crisis the Israeli society is facing; these include multiple calls for new elections and the repeated failure in forming a government.” He also stressed that: “Jerusalem and Al-Aqsa Mosque are the responsibility of the entire Arab World.”

He pointed out that: “We must also assert that the Palestinians are from Jerusalem and the West Bank and the lands of 1948. They preserved Al-Aqsa Mosque and Jerusalem with their presence, patience, steadfastness and their bodies until this very day. We are working hard to reach a status quo which maintains that an assault on Jerusalem will trigger a regional war,” warning that “former Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu may resort to foolishness again following his political disaster.”

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