Beware the “Hunger Uprising”

علي الامين
The most difficult struggle of the downtrodden Lebanese is to live under a sick and sadistic political class that relishes in tormenting people while observing their misery and humiliation. This governing body continues to drag its population into the depths of poverty and despair in a desperate attempt to subdue them, and then invest heavily in the collapse of their currency’s values as well as their own.

The political class governing Lebanon has a date with a very indiscriminate hunger revolution very soon. The collapse in living and economic conditions continues to worsen; a fact that is confirmed by financial and economic figures and statistics, and it is especially reflected in the value of the Lebanese Lira. This is not to even mention the daily scenes of poverty and humiliation that are now a common sight for the majority of Lebanese.

Further deterioration no longer necessarily means acceleration in reaching a solution

Further deterioration no longer necessarily means acceleration in reaching a solution; whether that is in the form of the government finding a way out, or the people finding a way out a way to claw back their right to a decent living and impose political reform in the government.

All the current political strife within the system has gone way beyond the notion of ensuring an independent government. The system has fully shifted gears back to the assignment of quotas. The quota system is firmly rooted in their approach of forming a cabinet, and this applies to all parties in within the system.

The political classes’ wager always rests on two core factors: The power of the sectarian rhetoric, and the security apparatus called “the resistance” and their arms. These two form the stronghold which is the system that has been impervious to any type of change over the past decades from internal threats or competition. Their wager on these factors is based on their recent success in dealing the October 17th uprising which was attacked by these two weapon: Fanatical sectarian discourse, and weapons and force when that failed.

Tyranny, oppression, and impoverishment coupled with loose slogans about “the rights of the sect” and “the right of the resistance” will soon take over the public scene. The will be used in politics, economics, and public administration to respond to all civil objections to smuggling, high prices, and corruption… It is likely that queues will increase, poverty will increase, and misery will extend to groups that have not previously properly experienced it. The public sector employees will be a prominent indicator of what is to become of Lebanon.

The result will be an explosion affecting of those who are perpetrators and non-perpetrators alike

However, what this authority should be wary of and not bet on is the surrender of the population to their continuous impoverishment. History is full of lessons. Uprisings and revolutions that changed the political landscape where always a result of mounting injustice, corruption, and marginalization. The result will be an explosion affecting of those who are perpetrators and non-perpetrators alike. This occurs due to the unjust authorities rejection of any attempt to meet the minimum demands of those whom they govern. Instead this authority continues to wager on oppression and stirring up fanaticism as sufficient measures to curb the upcoming revolution. Lebanon is on the path to change, because the ruling class has shown no willingness to modify its behavior and policies, despite the disastrous outcome that brought the country to its knees. The uprising is coming in a new form, which will be louder, more violent, and more devious. The current status quo has reached its end

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