Cabinet Formation Remains Elusive as Iran and Hezbollah Control the Reigns.

رئيس الجمهورية ميشال عون في اجتماع مع رئيس الحكومة حسان دياب في بعبدا (أسوشييتد برس)

Government formation doors have been locked, and the windows that can bring in a ray of hope have also been sealed shut. There is nothing new under the sun, not even circumstances that can be built upon. Initiatives have been very shy and unreliable, as we await a calm after the storm on Monday which was the latest meeting between the President and the Prime Minister.

Sources explained that the Caretaker Prime Minister made clear his rejection of reactivating the caretaker government in his latest statement. However, sources also pointed out that Diab continues to participate in all meetings whenever he is called upon, and he does not refuse any opportunity to follow up on any issue that comes to light. As such, he has participated in multiple meetings relating to financial and other matters held in Baabda. He also attended the meeting of the Supreme Defense Council, which expected to be taking place very soon, in order to discuss several matters pertaining to his former duties.

Iranian Interference

Sources familiar with Saad Hariri said that his position on forming a cabinet remains firm, and that obstruction is external and is most likely due to the lack of a green light by the Iranian regime. This approval hinges so far solely on Nasrallah’s condition to expand the cabinet to 20 ministers and ensuring a third remains in the hands of President Michel Aoun.

Therefore, we do not expect any new or serious attempts at forming a cabinet anytime soon, nor any visit to Baabda by Hariri unless major new developments occur which cause a radical change in President Michel Aoun’s position.

Everything else, such as talks of new external initiatives is mere speculation, political analysis, or ill-conceived conclusions. Meanwhile, the decision to prevent the formation of a cabinet remains in the hands of Hezbollah and the Iranian Regime.

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