Waiting for Revolutions of Different Kinds.

لبنان ينتفض

Millions of people took to the streets, both in Lebanon and abroad, expressing their rejection of the political ruling class and their catastrophically corrupt governance. It was a peaceful people’s revolution; despite some rejecting the term “revolution” describing the movement that lacked in violence. Nevertheless, the peaceful people’s revolution, which was hit harder by the Coronavirus than by the authorities, did not breach into institutions that were and remain captive by the alliance of the authority and capital: The alliance between the political class and the banking sector! This is why today; we’re waiting for revolutions of different kinds!

A Judicial Revolution

The judiciary needs an internal structural revolution to achieve the independence current political authorities who refuse to legislate proper protection for the judicial branch. As a result, the judicial revolution has to start from the judiciary itself. It must bypass the authority of the politicians who appoint the judges to control their actions. This act requires great courage and, in some cases, putting one’s own life on the line. There are many examples of such acts around the globe; most notable is operation “Clean Hands” that happened in Italy.”

A Security Forces and Military Revolution

The security forces and the military in Lebanon need a cultural revolution that turns them from servants of the state to servants of the people, especially when the interests of the two collide. This patriotic mentality has not made its way into the military institutions that remain subject to sectarian quotas in their core positions. They have turned some of the instruments of these institutions into special reserves for sectarian leaders that act against the prevailing interests of the country!

A Media Revolution

The media as well, especially the televised media, needs a revolution from within that rids it from the clutches of political and financial manipulation. Most of the guests hosted on these media channels deserve a trial instead of an opportunity to publicly polish their image. The way these shows pander to some politicians, bankers, and leaders is disastrous to the prospects of escaping the status quo. Prioritizing “scoundrels” over “decent” voices in the media is a deadly sin. A media revolution is the easiest among the awaited revolutions; especially since everyone recognizes these voices. The media have a tremendous national responsibility. There is no doubt that the media has done a lot and continues to so, but what’s been done is not enough. It must rise to the responsibility of getting Lebanon out of the “Hell” it’s in!

The Revolution from within the Political Class!

In Lebanon, even our deepest hopes for a revolution do not go as far as expecting a revolution from within the political class that abolishes its own financial interests and dismantles its own corrupt institutions. After all, these “infallible” demi-gods have no crimes or sins to atone for whatsoever! There’s no hope for a revolution from within the parliament; despite great appreciation for those who took it upon themselves to resign. The people’s greatest sin was maintaining that small semblance of hope in those who humiliated, insulted, and subjugated them for numerous and long years.

The revolution in Lebanon did not spring from one single group or party. It wasn’t a result of a military coup or an armed militia uprising. In fact, The movements that began a year and a half ago did not result in the desired outcomes. This is especially since attempts at unifying the revolution suffered greatly and continue to do so on the grounds of differing political backgrounds on one hand, and on the inability to overcome the scourge of distrust and division amongst the protesters. Yet despite it all, the revolution continues.

Everyone Means Everyone!

The revolution’s most difficult confrontation was and remains with Hezbollah, who are a proponent of the corrupt ruling class that continue to uphold the structure and prevent it from collapse. Hezbollah, who used their support base to oppose, dismantle, and oppress the revolution, are part of a regional axis that goes beyond Lebanon and the interests of its people. Unfortunately, a revolution against that axis, and a much-needed return to Lebanon’s roots, currently seems out of the question!

«البطون الخاوية» الى الشارع لكسر «أَقفال» الدولة الفاشلة!
بالفيديو: تجمعات بالآلاف في ساحة النور.. والقوى الأمنية تمطر الثوار بالقنابل المسيلة للدموع!