Congress Suggests the Implication of Hezbollah in the Beirut Port Explosion, as they Call for an International Investigation.


Five months have passed since the catastrophic explosion that shook Beirut on the fourth of August caused by a large shipment of unsafely stored Ammonium Nitrate linked to Hezbollah. On Wednesday, a critical development emerged as a unanimous resolution was passed by the American Congress including clear demands for international inspectors to be included in the investigation of this disaster. In one of the articles, congress requested the determination of the causes of mismanagement. The most significant element of the resolution was its focus on linking Hezbollah to the explosion, suggesting their involvement in it.

Resolution 682 explored, after a detailed and lengthy explanation of the incident and its repercussions, the political circumstances with a focus on Hezbollah. It considered that “those who supported the formation of the Hassan Diab government, along with their allies and the rampant corruption and mismanagement, have led Lebanon to the brink of economic collapse”. Indicating that “the United States is concerned about Hezbollah’s use of the Beirut port as a «transit and storage facility for its terrorist operations»”.

The resolution also re-affirmed that “the presence of a government in Lebanon free from Iranian and Hezbollah influence is a matter that falls within the broader national security interests of the United States and its allies”. In addition, the resolution urged the Lebanese government to “conduct a fair and transparent investigation into the causes of the explosion and into those responsible for it, and to include impartial international inspectors as part of the investigative team.”

The Lebanese government was also urged to regain the faith and confidence of the Lebanese people by prioritizing policies and programs that further the public interest.

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