Netanyahu Warns of Another Eminent Explosion in Beirut and Hezbollah Respond!

بنيامين نتنياهو

In light of recent security incidents afflicting Lebanon in the period following the August 4th Beirut Port explosions, the port fires, tensions with Israel in the South, and the subsequent explosion in Ein Qana, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu declared that “Hezbollah are storing weapons near gas storage tanks and residential areas”. On Tuesday night, he revealed in a dangerous statement the map locations of Hezbollah’s military sites that are located in residential areas: “Another explosion may occur in Jnah-Beirut due to a secret Hezbollah weapons depot.”

Netanyahu believed that: “Iran is fueling violence in the Middle East.” Adding that: “Donald Trump has already eliminated the biggest terrorist in the world Qassim Soleimani.” He concluded by saying: “The prospect of peace between Israel and Palestine has become much greater after the recently signed peace agreements with two Arab Countries.”

Following that contentious statement by the Israeli Prime Minister, Hezbollah’s public relations unit responded by offering the Lebanese media a tour of the Jnah area in question. The aim of the planned tour was to alleviate concerns by the residents of the area and debunk the false allegations made by Netanyahu.

The Tour took place at 9pm Beirut time on Tuesday night.

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