Political Corruption: Party Specialties

Responsibility for the economic crisis falls on each and every party that participated in the presidential settlement and the adoption of the monstrous electoral law; both of which handed the country over to the Hezbollah-Iran axis triggering international isolation and an economic blockade. As such, the Lebanese Forces, Future Movement, Free Patriotic Movement, Amal Movement, and the Progressive Socialist Party are all implicated in the crisis Lebanon is experiencing today.

Thievery and Corruption

Above are the political culprits. As for the financial situation, the responsibility falls on the banks, the Governor of the Central Bank, the Commissioner of the Central Bank, the Director of the Ministry of Finance, and all successive finance ministers since 2005.

When it comes to corruption and thievery, we have selected the specialty of each political party despite the variety of their indiscretions:

1- Trafficking products illegally along sovereign borders (Hezbollah).
2- Abusing hiring practices and pay-rolling ghost employees in the public sector (Amal Movement).
3- Eliciting exorbitantly overpriced government contracts (Future Movement).
4- Blocking laws and resolutions and allowing only those that can guarantee embezzlement (Free Patriotic Movement).
5- Exploiting government sanctioned monopolies on essential products (Progressive Socialist Party).

Yet, all are innocent in the eyes of the primary culprit, the Lebanese citizen. After all, he is the primary beneficiary of the system and the source of its continuity through multiple successive elections yielding the same results. It is the people provide them with legitimacy through democratic elections; especially those who do not participate.

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