Tehran in Total Contamination: Coronavirus Victims Hit 3000 in Iran as Rouhani Reassures

تفشي كورونا في ايران

The Coronavirus epidemic continues to spread in Iran recording over 3000 deaths across the country as of March 31st. According to the Ministry of Health, the number of cases jumped to 44,606 cases. However, inconsistency between statements of Iranian officials was noticeable. While the head of the Coronavirus taskforce stated that Tehran has been completely contaminated, President Hassan Rouhani, on Wednesday, said that his country has already experienced a peak in terms of the spread of Coronavirus across different regions, according to Iranian media sources.

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Rouhani stated that there is a decline in the spread of the virus in some Iranian provinces; noting that the Iranian people are meeting well the recommendations of the National Coronavirus Taskforce. He added: “We have taken strict measures so far, and we may take even stricter measures if the need arises to curb the spread of Coronavirus.”

This came as “Iran International – Arabic” reported on Twitter that the head of the National Coronavirus Taskforce, Ali Reza Zale, said that all parts of the Capital, Tehran, are now infested with Coronavirus. He added: “In the case of this epidemic, force must be used with civilians instead of courtesy… We have been courteous so far, but as of now we must be resolute.”

حزنٌ في مستشفى الحريري.. وفاة شخصين آخرين بالكورونا اليوم!
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