Assad’s Control Over Syria’s Oil: An Empty Claim

Regional powers’ struggles over control of Northeast Syria have not subsided ever since Trump announced his country’s control over Syrian oil. After the recent Russian-American disputes over the borderline between Turkey and the Kurdish-Iranian forces, it appears that Assad is the last man to know or have a say in status of Syria’s richest oil region.

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Russian news agency Sputnik on Monday said that the President of the Syrian regime, Bashar Al-Assad, issued a statement concerning to Syrian oil and condemned the United States for illegally acquiring the oil and selling it to Turkey to earn huge profits, according to Assad.

According to the agency, the Russian military issued a detailed report over the US smuggling operations of Syrian fuel. It added that the US defense department, the CIA, and a group of private military contractors working with Kurdish forces and US oil companies in Syria are all involved in these operations making over $30m a month.

Concerning Trump’s efforts to retain some American forces in Syria for oil, Bashar Al-Assad expressed great dissatisfaction, noting that there are still thousands of the American forces, including American private sector workers occupying large areas of Syrian territory according to his statements.

The US department of defense recently announced a decision to retain 5000 troops in Syria to protect the oil rigs. Meanwhile, Turkish forces maintained their influence over the region by two separate agreements signed by Erdogan and both the US and Russia separately.

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