Here are the Achievements of the Revolution… and the Best is yet to Come

Activist Fadi Abu Jamra published a quick account of the benefits the uprising has achieved in Lebanon so far:

Cancellation of 91 Taxes.

1- Recognition of corruption and embezzlement by the national unity government.

2- The presidency’s thugs failed at breaking the will of the protestors.

3- The cabinet resigned.

4- A road map proposal was initiated for a civil status law and a civil state.

5- Customs administration was exposed, and investigations have commenced.

6- Fouad Al-Sanioura wanted for justice.

7- Mikati filed reopened.

8- Al-Jarrah suspected due to cellular projects

9- Cellular bill changed to Lebanese Pounds

10- Power plant vessel deal exposes FPM and Future movements.

11- Central bank under scrutiny

12- Judge Ghada Aoun exposed to having locked files which proves bias.

13- Judiciary association presented many righteous judges.

14- Posters of political leaders torn down.

15- Reconciliation between Bab-el-Tabbane and Jabal Mohsen

16- Tripoli cheered Nabatiyye and Tyr.

17- Tyr and Nabatiyye cheered for Tripoli.

18- Women scrutinize traditional masculinity.

19- Movements to add women as well as men in the national anthem.

20- Army and security forces conclude futility of force.

21- Members of Nabatiyeh municipality resign after emergence of violence.

22- School principle forced to retract anti-protest position.

23- Detainees released quickly after demonstrations.

24- The media reclaimed its title as the 4th authority.

25- Hope in a better future reclaimed.

Hold your heads up high and carry on with pride.

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