Disappointment around the very end


O deceived at home, betting on your leader, you lived your years with devastating suspicion of your abilities to improve your world. Today you have to spend now after learning the truth what is left of your days with the hell of certainty.

More than ever before, this your time. Start is by rebelling on your wrongful convictions.
Before you liberate any country, liberate yourself from your total dependencies and go forth.
It is truly difficult to discover near the end of your days that you were only deceived by your dreams.
You wagered a lot on politics and were repeatedly disappointed and you always denied you were a gambler.

You ought not protest, that won’t do. You ought only to refrain from applauding and from smiling to your butcher.

Do not kill and do not steal. Do not hurt yourself or others. Respect that your freedom ends when others begins. Live fully and love always. Believe that god is your closest friend and hate and intolerance are the devil. Stay away from the scrooge and gossip, and do not befriend the fool for even when he wills you good, he harms.

All the world is your home, build your house wherever joy you find.
All religions are your convictions, believe when you do not hate.
All women are your lovers, court whomever pleases you to see and brings you joy to be with.
Your son is who runs towards you for a hug when you appear.
Happiness is a door that opens through it many others. It is when you believe that you are a small entity but within you lies the universe. Trust yourself and move forth, for only your ‘self’ is truly yours. So cleanse your ‘self’ from greed and gluttony before you purify it from Satan. Sometimes Satan brings pleasure and fun. Running towards power and money will not bring you anything but death.
Reconcile with Satan before you do so with God

اشكال في حي الشروانة تخلله اطلاق نار و قذائف صاروخية
عندما حلَّ اللهُ في الخامنئي!..