Hezbollah seeks out the state: Secure Baalback and Tufail!

Ali Al Amine wrote in an article illustrating the absurdity of the recent demands of Sheik Mohamad Yazbeck, the representative of Ali al-Khaminei in Lebanon, that the internal security forces reclaim the authority it has “forsaken” in Baalbeck and the Beqaa region.

Sheikh Mohamad Yazbeck, the representative of Imam Ali al-Khaminei in Lebanon, announced the completion of the procedures for the return of the residents of the town of Tufail on Tuesday May 9th. This is to happen on the condition that the ministry of interior handles the measures of this return. This was reported by the National News Agency yesterday on the 7th of May.

This came during a meeting in the hall of the martyr Mr. Abbas al-Musawi in Baalbeck, attended by the former Mufti of Baalbek Shaikh Bakr al-Rifaii as well as municipal and religious representatives, delegates from the town of Tufail, Shaath, Arsal, and Maaraboon according to the same agency.

It is worth mentioning that town of Tufail, whose residents were forced out three years ago by Hezbollah, were not allowed safe return. However, as they are today granted their return, Hezbollah are demanding, through the representative of Ali al-Khaminei Sheikh Yazbeck, that the Lebanese government handle the procedures as it is their full responsibility.

It is to be expected that the weak Lebanese government will not be able to perform these duties. It is this weakness that has allowed Hezbollah to carry arms and fight in Syria completely disregarding the urges of the government, whom Hezbollah is a part of, to even listen to its demands of retreating from Syria.

The representative of Khaminei, in his announcement that the Lebanese ISF will accompany the residents of the Lebanese town on the eastern Lebanese borders with Syria, appears to have provoked the minister of Interior Nohad al-Mashnouk. For how can the Lebanese minister be informed what he should do by a Lebanese representative of al-Khaminei?

“The Ministry of the Interior is not instructed with statements through forums, nor by the words of His Eminence Sheikh Yazbek or any other party, and knows its national and security responsibilities,” the minister said in response to a statement issued from his office.

Perhaps the statement of Sheik Yazbeck was the hair that broke the camel’s for Mashnouk. A few days after Hezbollah indirectly organized a strike in the city of Baalbek called upon by its municipality, its parties and various associations to demand that the security forces extend their authority over the city and its surroundings, came the instructions from Yazbeck regarding Tufail. As if the absence of active internal security forces in Baalbeck is not caused by the presence of Hezbollah, the “Men of god on the field”.

Hezbollah want to convince al-Mashnouk and convince us that the chaos in the security of the city and its surroundings is due to the unwillingness of the internal security forces and the army, not the armament under the cover of “resistance”. The absurdity is that Hezbollah is appealing to the security forces to return effectively while al-Mashnouk hangs back and raises his tone.

To complete this absurdity, the bloc should present the minister with a vote of confidence in the parliament because he is responsible for the failure of implementing authority in Baalbeck and the northern Beqaa region. The bloq must also demand his indictment as well as the indictment of the Lebanese army, the security forces, and the state in general for failing to prevent the flow of fighters across the Lebanese borders for the past four years, especially the Lebanese fighters.

Yes, there will come a day when we will hear and see the resistance bloc saying: “Why did you allow fighters from our party to enter Syria? If you had prevented us by force we would not have gone into Syrian territory.”

Sheikh Yazbeck is calling on the state to carry out its duties. The same state that is controlled by Hezbollah; whose government they also take part of, and whose electoral law they are the true deciders of. This government holds the sole responsibility and blame!

Meanwhile, the representative the al-Khaminei does not tire from constantly supporting and defending the government and its carrying out of its responsibilities. Therefore, your eminence, Mr.Khaminei’s representative, do not be so unforgiving to us. Our government that you and Hezbollah demand from tends to be lazy and dependent. You have been so generous that the government and its officials have believed that you are the one and only government of the state.

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