Mosco, Bashar, and the chemical Trifecta!

مجزرة خان شيخون
Dr. Fadi Shamieh wrote a piece concerning the responses of Bashar Al-Assad and Moscow over the recent chemical attacks row in Khan Shikhon, and the implications of Human Rights Watch reports in the UN.

On the 5th of April 2017, Moscow announced that: “Syrian aircrafts bombarded a terrorist warehouse in Khan Shikhon that contained chemical weapons originating from Iraq.” That meant that the rebels are the party storing and using chemical weapons.

On the 13th of April 2017, Bashar “the disconnected from reality” stated that: “ The chemical attack on Khan Shikhon was 100% fabricated, and that the United States of American and the west have fabricated this incident (meaning nothing at all happened in Khan Shikhon) and they are collaborating with the terrorists.

On the 15th of April Human Rights Watch reported that: “Bashar Al-Assad’s army did not use chemical weapons in Khan Shikhon. However, it has used nerve gas 4 times in the past few months, and has used chlorine gas as a chemical agent regularly in the past few months… We also have a report that reveals the use of chlorine gas by the Syrian authorities in the recapture of east Aleppo.”

It is understood that aforementioned organization is unbiased, and that Assad and Moscow have previously accepted unbiased reports concerning what happened in Khan Shikhon. However, in case this report was not accepted, we can infer that any non-fabricated report will not be accepted by Moscow in the General Security Council, as it has done before.  Nevertheless, the inability of the general security council does not mean that the crimes were not commited, nor does it mean that the violence will cease.

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