Hizbullah and AMAL_ tensions from Markaba to Meis El Jabal

Sources have reported to ‘Janoubia’ that a clash between Hizbullah and AMAL movement occurred on Sunday morning April 16 th in the town of Markaba, district of Marjayoun. The clash erupted when the

mourning of a town member who was an AMAL supporter coincided with one of Hezbollah’s militants fallen in Syria, as the two sides fought to dominate the occasion within the town and its families.

Sources explained that the clashes began as members of Hezbollah entered the town ‘Hussayniyah’ ( a town hall were mourning takes place) and started assaulting citizens and expelling them.

Sources also pointed out that these clashes have been reoccurring as 4 days prior to the incident, a Hezbollah official in Mays al-Jabal opened fire on Ali Shuqair, the son of the Mayor who belongs to AMAL movement, and brutally assaulted him.

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