Mixed emotions over the death of Jihad Mughnie

The news about the death of the young Jihad Imad Mughniyeh is very painful, so painful that it even brought me to tears.

When I hear the news about the killing of the son of Hezbollah’s top military commander Imad Mughniye, Jihad, I was very saddened but happy at the same time.

The reason why I felt happy is because I sensed that there are still some youth in Hezbollah who are aware that the real battle is against Israel and not Syria. Jihad had died implementing an Iranian scheme to get grip of the border along the Golan Heights, which has nothing to do with Lebanon, but still his martyrdom was at the hands of Israel.

Whether he knows it or not, this guy and his colleagues are part of the Iranian scheme to get grip of the Golan border and to turn it into a copy of the Lebanese border with Israel during the nineties. Still, this man and his friends are fighting for what they vowed and pledged God to do: to fight against the last bastions of colonialism and occupation in the planet, Israel.

Young Mughnie belongs to the class of the Lebanese youth who believe that the real battle is against Israel, and Hezbollah’s leadership is well aware that the war against the Syrian people is shameful. This is why it quickly announced the names of the martyrs who fell in the Israeli raid, overlooking over the last three years over1,000 youths were killed in Syria.

Well, the reason for my sadness is the family that scarified the father and then the son, while some families of Hezbollah are just producing thieves and smugglers, drug dealers and spies to Israel and the CIA. I am sad because the families of spies are sitting in the same row as families of martyrs. But still, my sadness is interrupted by a sense of happiness that the world is still okay, because there are the likes of Jihad Imad Mughnie.

آخر تحديث: 12 فبراير، 2015 11:09 ص

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