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Janoubia offers a variety of topics and articles for its readers, including political, social, economic themes and entertainment. Among this week's topics, were the ties between Hezbollah and the Future Movement and the authorities' mishandling of the abducted soldiers' case.

Janoubia is an independent website that keeps pace with all developments on the local, regional and international levels, offering a modern and vibrant media experience

Ever since its establishment, the website tried to preserve its own identity and to bring to light restricted topics that were scarcely tackled. Topics in Janoubia are usually highlighted in an objective criticism tonality

On weekly basis, the website offers a variety of topics and articles for its readers, including political, social, economic themes and entertainment. This week, the website offered its audience highlights on the most controversial topics domestically, such as the ties between Hezbollah and the Future Movement and the authorities’ mishandling of the abducted soldiers’ case

Journalist Ali Al Amine wrote in an article under the title “Al Qalamun: a hot Lebanese spring… and a president against terrorism

in which he explained that the MP Michel Aoun-led Free Patriotic Movement benefits from the gap  between Hezbollah and the Future Movement, and that is what led the FPM to gain 11 ministerial portfolios in the government of former Prime Minister Najib Mikati. The FPM, according to Al Amine’s article, presented itself as the main opposition to the Future Movement to gain privileges from Hezbollah, thus the role of Aoun grew while the role of Christians did not expand and the presidential election, the first Christian post in the country, remains void

Salwa Fadel worte a report, the authorities’ mismanagement of the case of abducted Lebanese soldiers by ISIS and the Nusra Front and the divisions between officials about this issue.

Janoubia also addressed a recent security incident related to the Hezbollah-linked Resistance Brigades in Sidon. The latest incident occurred last week in the Taamir neighborhood

which lies just outside the entrance to the notorious Ain al-Hilweh Palestinian refugee camp. Members of the Internal Security Forces clashes with members of the Resistance Brigades when an ISF unit attempted to arrest a member accused of opening fire at a police. The attempted raid turned into an exchange of fire between the police and the Resistance Brigades. A say later, group eventually handed the shooter over to the ISF

Fayza Diab also wrote a report about the ongoing vengeance Progressive Socialist Party Leader MP Walid Jumblatt from his former aide businessman Bahij Abu Hamzeh over the land case. Abu Hamzeh’s family last week pleaded for Jumblatt to drop all charges against his ex-partner, insisting he was innocent. Only later, after Jumblatt first rejected the family’s plea, that he decided to withdraw one of the lawsuits against Abu Hamze

For his part, Fadi Shamiyeh wrote about the US-Iranian relationship and said Iran today requires and seeks American recognition of its influence in the region, and cooperation that serves the interests of both parties, otherwise the consequences can be of very high damage

Hassan Hammoud also wrote about the chaos in private electricity generators in the southern suburbs of Beirut and the absence of regulations about the fees. Among other daily life issues, Suha Jaffal wrote about two recent studies issues by the American University of Beirut (AUB), stating that 25% of the Lebanese students consume tranquilizers

Jana Elhassan, who recently visited the United States, as part of the International Visitor Leadership Program, wrote a series

of articles about the experience, addressing the dialectics of the individual and collective identities between the US and Lebanon and also shared her experience in taking part in IVLP

Among the main topics addressed by the website was the recent scandal about the presence of spies to  the Israeli Mossad among Hezbollah

Janoubia was among the first websites to address the largest security breach in Hezbollah for a long time

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