Judge Bitar Issues a Warrant for Ali Hassan Khalil as Right Before his investigation is Once Again Temporarily Suspended !

القاضي طارق البيطار علي حسن خليل زعيتر

After a night of direct threats raised by the Secretary General of Hezbollah Hassan Nasrallah against the judicial investigator Tarek Bitar, which clearly indicate that a decision has been already made by Hezbollah to attempt and overthrow Bitar and replace him with another judge. This replacement would wrap up the investigation and withdraw the summons for each of the three MP’s and the Former Prime Minister Hassan Diab.

Bitar Receives Zayter and Khalil’s Response-suits after an initial Rejection

As was expected today, Bitar was informed of the response suits submitted by MP’s Ali Hassan Khalil and Ghazi Zayter to Judge Naji Eid. MTV confirmed that Bitar had received the suit two hours after previously announcing he had refused to do so.

Arrest Warrant against Khalil!

This morning, Judge Bitar held a hearing session to interrogate MP Ali Hassan Khalil, who did not show up but had sent his attorney Mohamad Moghrabi. The representatives of the plaintiffs also were present.

During the session, Moghrabi requested additional time to present documents and prepare a defense, but Bitar refused that request and instead issued a warrant against Khalil for the crimes of “Manslaughter, inflicting harm, causing fire, and vandalism” all with probably intent.

At the end of the session, Bitar received the new response-suit filed against him by Khalil and Zayter’s representatives, which once more necessitated the suspension of the investigation as well as all session. This suspension will continue until the Civil Court of Cassation headed by Judge Naji Eid makes a ruling on whether to accept or reject the counter-suit.

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