Does the International Community Still Have Eyes on Lebanon?

المجتمع المدني
The Lebanese file is under international observation amid warnings of European military interference to ensure a peaceful transition of power from the corrupt political class to a new transformative political class under their support.

The active involvement of the American-French-Saudi trio in Lebanese politics is not merely for show or humanitarian purposes alone. In fact it goes way beyond that in putting the entire Lebanese situation under the scope of the international community, according to Arab diplomatic sources in Beirut who confirmed to Janoubia.

They indicate that the international community does not wish for Lebanon to collapse, and that it remains under their political and security umbrella. However, what is being prepared for the corrupt political class will not please them at all. They, however, point out that talk about European military intervention in Lebanon is only just ideas raised in European parliaments and are not binding. The same has happened before when a French parliamentary committee recommended sending military and naval forces to Lebanon to ensure the implementation of a humanitarian plan and prevent the collapse!

The same sources also indicate that talk about changing the political system and finding a constitutional framework different from the Taif Agreement is an idea that exists for the purpose of fixing the loopholes in Taif agreement. However, it will not take place until after fair elections take place, which the international community will have a role in monitoring in order to ensure that they express a true popular.

Saad Hariri: Post Resignation?

On the level of cabinet formation, the matter remains complicated. Hariri’s visit to Egypt and his meeting with President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi on Thursday, in addition to his meeting with Lebanese President Michel Aoun in Baabda on the next day will, in fact, change nothing. His final act will be to present his final cabinet formation to the President who will in turn reject it and accept Hariri’s resignation.

Meanwhile, sources close to the matter reveal that Hariri is closer to resigning on Thursday than nearing any solution. Sources also confirm to Janoubia, that Hariri has begun to prepare his party for the post-resignation period which includes the form of political positioning that he intends to take in preparation for any upcoming elections or other political entitlements.

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