Will a Cabinet be Formed in Time for Elections?

سعد الحريري ومصطفى اديب

Rumors of the resignation of Hariri have once again returned, and again they are completely baseless. According to exclusive sources to Janoubia, the origin of these rumors comes from an statement said one month ago by Hariri which was that he is considering resignation if Bassil continues to block the formation.

Sources close to Hariri’s government formation camp tell Janoubia that another ‘rumor’ of the assignment of Mostapha Adib as a replacement to form an election managing cabinet is over one month old, and was created by the FPM and Gebran Bassil in particular.

They point out that the matter was raised during Hariri’s participation in the high judiciary council and was discussed by attendees who refused Hariri’s resignation. They stated that they will not back any alternative pick, and that any other name than Hariri’s will not get the blessing and unanimous approval for the position.

In addition to the refusal of the Sunni consensus, Dar Al-Fatwa, the council of former prime ministers, and Speaker of Parliament Nabih Berri, the Emirates and Egypt also interjected and dissuaded Hariri from resigning. As a result, that rumor that Adib would take over and form an 11 month cabinet to oversee the elections was dead on arrival.

Sources also stressed that Adib himself refused this scenario and had communicated that with concerned parties. Hariri remains the designated Prime Minister and no one else will take his place.

As such, the country continues its impatient wait for the cabinet formation with nothing but rumors breaking the silence and gridlock in negotiations. Even the upcoming elections are not enough of a catalyst.

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