Hassan Diab… From Bad in Presence to Worse in Absence!

رئيس الحكومة حسان دياب
Two days ago, the caretaker Prime Minister, Dr. Hassan Diab, delivered a speech in which he directly addressed the Lebanese people. In the speech, which was broadcast by various Lebanese media outlets, the resigned Prime Minister seemed to be complaining to the Lebanese about the state of economic, living, and especially financial conditions in addition to its repercussions on the social reality. These have caused Lebanon to be recently classified among the leading countries suffering from economic and social conditions, according to the classification of the World Bank and international financial and economic institutions.

The Caretaker Prime Minister’s speech came on the 300th day anniversary of his cabinet’s resignation. The cabinet that saw the Lebanese people placed on the fast track of towards a full confrontation with total collapse.

Diab said: “I call on the Lebanese to be patient with any decision that any political party may take that might increase their suffering. I also call on the political forces to make concessions, no matter how small, because they significantly relieve the suffering of the Lebanese people.”

The job of this resigned cabinet can be summarized as being there in order to take the fall of the collapsing institutions when they come tumbling down. All their decisions were limited to approving some loans and continuing the approach of the prior governments, as well as their approved projects that serve the current ruling authority.

Accelerating the collapse

The most significantly influential factor in accelerating the financial and monetary collapse in the past few months was the government vacuum caused by Diab’s sudden resignation. It was a move that was perceived as an escape from confrontation, and an effort of self-preservation without thinking about the interests of the people and the interests of the country.

This acceleration was not all due to the Diab’s resignation. A new alternative cabinet of specialists was supposed to be assigned by Saad Hariri, but the obstruction lead by the head of the Free Patriotic Movement, Gebran Bassil, accelerated the collapse even further in return for his own narrow political gains. In order to expand his influence in the upcoming cabinet formation, he exacerbated the nation’s crisis instead of working to find a solution for it that would save the legacy of the President—his father-in-law—Michael Aoun.

Following these events, do the complaints of Diab carry any objectivity, or even offer any consolation to the Lebanese in their current situation?

Shouldn’t more responsibilities be held by the government to compensate the Lebanese people for what they caused? The government refused to place responsibility for the Beirut Port explosion, and refused to hold those who were involved (judges and former ministers) to account for taking the decision of storing the Ammonium Nitrate in the Hangar of death!

Shouldn’t this government, at least, indicate or disclose the names of the parties/individuals that rob the Lebanese people daily? Who smuggle fuel and subsidized goods to Syria, Insofar as we have accepted their inability to deter them?

In conclusion, the government of Prime Minister Diab, which is ruling today, complaining while resigning and unable to make decisions or come up with solutions, is undoubtedly a crisis in itself that must be eliminated as soon as possible.

مفاجآت الجنوب السوري.. قنبلة تتسبب بمقتل أبرز المتعاونيين مع حزب الله
مصرع «مستشار» سليماني على يد «داعش» في سوريا.. من هو اللواء حسن عبدالله زاده؟