Aoun Addresses the Nation

ميشال عون

In his fifth televised appearance, President Michel Aoun opened fire on the people of Lebanon through an open letter. Instead of remaining a good role model and intermediary in resolving disputes from within Baabda, the house of the people, he has chosen to be a partisan that works for the Party run by his son-in-law Gebran Bassil!

With the passing of two-thirds of the presidency’s term, the country is still being run by the same mentality of ineptitude, stubbornness, and clinging on to power. Meanwhile the country has reached rock bottom and is heading deeper towards the pits of hell, as Aoun has alluded to once himself.

In summary of Aoun’s speech on Wednesday regarding the forensic and financial audit, sources perceive that Aoun and his party are waging a comprehensive war against everyone, including Hezbollah but especially Berri who is covering up for the finance minister and the Governor of the Central Bank. The list does not end here, as Hariri, Jomblatt, and others are some of those on it as well.

Aoun and Co. are running one final offensive against all from Hezbollah—their strong ally—Berri, Jomblatt, Hariri, and Riad Salemeh!

For a while, Aoun has been attacking both sides while holding them responsible for the disappearance of the bank deposits. This has all lead up to the forensic audit which he is pushing towards. The audit that can prove someone accountable, will prove everyone is complicit. This includes Gebran Bassil, who is responsible for the electricity generating ship deals, as well as many other instances of corruption and mismanagement costing much of the $50bn bill on electricity alone.

Aoun’s desperate, and last, battle for his son-in-law, after having lost everything, is being framed as a fight against corruption and in favor of a forensic financial audit which will be led by a judiciary that will arbitrarily scrutinize between different parties for the benefit of Aoun and Bassil who control them.

Evoking the Public

One of the aspects of an important battle is evoking the public to support Baadba and General Aoun! The old guard arrived yesterday at the Palace of Justice to demand the arrests of the corrupt, first of whom is Riad Salemeh. However, the most dangerous moment of the speech, was the declaration by Aoun of the government’s bankruptcy and that the country remains sterile at the presidential, parliamentary, and governmental level. There will be no unifying new government, as the presidency is currently boycotting more than half of Lebanon!

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