Where Does Hezbollah Stand on the Impoverishment of the Public within their Environment?

حزب الله
The response to impoverishment being used for political functions, should not be in the form of data, broad statements, or ornate analytical assertions; unlike certain loyalists and Hezbollah affiliates are producing in Lebanon. Rather, the response should be feeding the hungry, treating the ill, and tending to the needs of all the deprived, regardless of their affiliation, wherever they are in Lebanon.

After enough was enough, and fear completely overcame the minds of the Lebanese people over their food and medicinal security, and as the shortage of the dollar caused its price to skyrocket to unprecedented heights, the hungry, tired, sick, exhausted, and the deprived went out to the streets to demand their rights and the departure of those who hold government office. The media and the propaganda machines of Hezbollah could not come up with a proper response to these demands. The only response they managed was intimidating the protestors by fomenting conspiracy theories of international plots aiming to disrupt the resistance, its supporters, its axis, and their allies by taking away their weapons. This went on until their dictionary was depleted. These various phrases today no longer have any use outside the political regime. They no longer are of any use to those who cannot find their daily sustenance or medicine. The cries have been growing in recent days, as the economy enters the later stages of its demise.

Aid is Exclusive to Party Members

A realistic and correct solution remains absent. While party leadership must bear responsibility for the needs of the people who supported the system for more than 4public decades, only its own members and leadership are being provided the foreign currency that keeps them afloat. Meanwhile, they are doing nothing to support the public who supported them from prosecution throughout all these years.

How frequent and how plenty were the promises made by the Secretary General Nasrallah and his leadership? With all due respect to his efforts through this difficult period, how many empty stomachs did his promises—that none will go hungry—fill since the beginning of this economic crisis? Moreover, assistants of the SG had collected donations from home and abroad throughout this period to be distributed amongst the deserving within this Shiite community. To people’s great surprise, they found out that they were only distributed amongst members and through favoritism. The rest were left to fend off for themselves, as the crisis kept growing harder and harder by the day.

It is noteworthy also that the Amal movement, the Hezbollah’s main ally, started a donation campaign at the beginning of the pandemic in solidarity and support of all the affected people. Their television channel NBN promoted this campaign significantly. There was no evidence of a fair distribution of the donations, who were in the name of all the Lebanese people, as well! Even within the Shiite communities alone. The non-partisan Shiites have been deprived of benefitting from two major donation campaigns by the two monopolizing parties in the Shiite community in the span of 18 months! How long can a head of a household, whose work has been disrupted for a year and a half, grit his teeth and be patient? Where are all the warehouses full of food and medicine that Hezbollah and their allies

يستغل الأزمة المالية في لبنان ويهمهم بالهجرة.. قوى الأمن تُحذّر من هذا الحساب!
صرخة لقائد الجيش من بعلبك-الهرمل: أعلنها حكومة عسكرية.. ولينزل الجميع الى الشارع!