Hezbollah Prepare for Austerity… Flour is in Short Supply!

اهراءات القمح بعد انفجار مرفأ بيروت

A few days ago, a senior Hezbollah official who holds central financial and administrative powers held a series of meetings with local town associations and senior officials in the south. Party members, associates, and supporters were informed the following:

The Hezbollah official explained, according to Janoubia exclusive sources, the financial difficulties they are facing, that the situation is not under control, and that they must endure the ongoing austerity which will intensify in the coming eight months.

No Liquidity!

The official said the situation in Lebanon is perilous and the crises are piling on with Lebanon on the verge of a massive liquidity crisis in both Lira and Dollar terms. There will also be a severe increase in the price of the green currency (The USD).

According to the official, Hezbollah expects unrest to hit the streets, including those of South Lebanon. He also added that the security preparations to counter such attempts at blocking vital Hezbollah infrastructures or supply routes have been finalized. The military groups are therefore fully armed and ready to intervene at any location across the southern coastal highway.

Call for Stocking Supplies

During one of the meetings, the official urged the “Hezbollah Family” to stock up and store what they can in terms of food, fuels, household gas, and specifically basic nutritional products.

He stressed the need to store flour, as it will soon disappear from the market; especially since the stockpile from the Iraqi aid is running out soon. The Iraqi grant, half of which was squandered and destroyed, is being sold to bakeries as subsidized yet relatively expensive flour instead of being distributed as aid.

Flour Prices to Skyrocket!

A major flour supplier revealed to Janoubia that the price of flour has risen greatly in the past week. A 25kg bag is now being sold at around 60,000 and 80,000L.L, depending on quality, while the 50kg bag reached 150,000 L.L. He added that things are likely to escalate as the market is running out of reserves separate from the Iraqi aid quantities. The price of the standard bread portion is expected to reach 10,000L.L from 1,500L.L early next year!

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