Maximum Hospital Bed Capacity to be Reached Unless the Ministry of Finance Pays What the Government Owes to Private Hospitals!

عاصم عراجي

In a dangerous increase, the Coronavirus daily chart recorded a new all-time daily high of 1027 cases in the past 24 hours according to the Ministry of Health.  The head of the Parliamentary Health Committee MP Assem Araji confirmed that the Coronavirus has gone out of control in Lebanon, and that it has become arduous to combat within the current plan. He stressed the importance of the continuous practice of preventative measures, such as wearing a mask, social distancing, and sanitizing; noting that there is lack of sufficient adherence to them.

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In a radio interview, Araji highlighted that in the event of continued evasion of these practices, we might be headed towards an even higher number of infections. He also indicated that the biggest fear is that these cases would require additional hospitalization, as intensive care units have reached around 80% occupancy the brunt of which is being borne by public hospitals. 

Araji warned that the delinquency by the state to pay its dues towards private hospitals, amounting to about 2 trillion Liras, has prevented these hospitals from opening their own Coronavirus hospitalization departments. Araji added: “We have begun considering increasing the number of chambers specialized in treating the virus within public hospitals, and we are urging private hospitals to do so as well. We have 900 beds, among normal and intensive care, designated for Coronavirus patients. Currently, 75-80% of those beds are occupied.

Finally, Araji urged the Ministry of Finance to fulfill its dues to the private hospitals so that they can continue to receive new cases.

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