…The Pillaging Continues!

حسان دياب

Two warnings none will heed. The first goes out to all those who are building up hope in President Donald Trump to liberate them from the grasp of Iran and Hezbollah, as if the United States cared about the interests of the Lebanese people and their wellbeing. The United States will not hesitate in agreeing on a settlement with Iran that ensures the safety and security of Israel and its own interests in the region. Alternatively, the US will continue to weaken Iran until its influence is diminished and Israel can reassert its dominance over Lebanon and the region. In conclusion, all bets on Trump are off.

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Impoverishing the Wealthy and Crushing the Poor

Today, the wealthy have been looted by the banks in the presence of those who were supposed to protect them yet did nothing. The wealthy were impoverished, and the poor have been crushed. The plundering continues with their leaders in the front row. Now the livelihood of the Southerners and their schools, health care, and futures are at stake. Not because of the American sanctions, nor because of the Arab administrations that have forsaken them, but because of the systematic looting of public funds and properties as well as the multiple policies hostile to the Arab world and international communities.

The resistance is not protected by destroying the state, nor by dominating it and systematically plundering its resources. Wherever this has been attempted, it has failed consistently with no exceptions.

حريق كبير في أحراج الهرمل.. وطوافات الجيش نجحت بمحاصرتها
بعد تداول تسجيل صوتي منسوب للأسد يتحدث فيه عن التهريب من لبنان.. السفارة تعلّق!