A Movement Needs no Leadership

التظاهرات في لبنان
For 11 days straight, television stations have not ceased to ask the anguished demonstrators and citizens the same dreary and repetitive questions: “Why are you protesting? What are your demands?”. It is as if they are not living in the same country. Ask the leaders what’s happening within their country and why the people are revolting.

Enough distorting this movement that will sooner or later establish a true nation on top of the failed corrupt state we have today.

Our friend Mohamed Souissi briefly summarizes the demands of the Lebanese people in hopes that you may finally stop asking that annoying question: “A popular movement needs no leadership. Its demands are clear to the Hezbollah alliance, the government, and authorities; and that is stemming corruption and the squander of resources, providing social security, healthcare, and unemployment benefits.

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The authorities insist on involving 4 representatives from the movement in the newly proposed cabinet. This is an attempted hoax because every protestor is a representative of the movement. Therefore, there are no directors besides the demands themselves. If representatives from the movement are chosen, they will merely be agents of the regime. Not of the protestors aspires from a ministerial the position; only the fulfillment of the original demands of social security, lower taxes, the stemming of corruption in the electricity sector as well as in contracting and customs.

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