When Dahyeh Exists on Another Universe

مواكب سيارات
Because of the many blessings they possess, it is the duty of the people of Dahye to display the highest forms of gratitude and appreciation towards Hezbollah and their secretary general Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah. 24/7 electricity, daily garbage pickup and clean environment are some examples. Life in Dahye is wonderful. There’s no poverty, no unemployment, no drugs and no prostitution. Dahye under Hezbollah has become a virtuous city.

In Dahye, when you go out early in the morning from home to work, you discover that life is going onward as usual. Grocery stores and commercial shops are open to their usual patrons; and even public institutions based in Dahye have their doors open. In here, people live on a different planet; as if there were no media nor internet that would import any kind of revolution against corruption, going on for decades in Lebanon, that the Shiite community in Lebanon has been the main victim of.

Here the onlooker asks: “Why don’t the people of Dahye seize this golden opportunity to realize their own as well as their children’s dreams of a nation state without sectarianism?” To which the answer comes shortly after: “Because they are condemned to submit”.ٌ

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It is because their presence in Hezbollah’s environment means being forced to accept all living circumstances so long as the resistance is protected. And in case one happened to demand their rights for a decent living, this would offend the guns and those who carry them which would lead the masses to take to the streets and shout yet again: “We won’t be Humiliated”. And thus, it is forbidden for the people of Dahye to protest and demand a life of dignity. A citizen of Dahye was only born to defend Iran and its arms alone; anything else is secondary.

However, when some of the meek in the suburb dare to go out to convey their suffering, Hezbollah’s supporters begin to discourage them and stop them under the slogan of Hussein “We won’t be Humiliated” whom they commemorate every year. This time around they failed to convince people not to go out, so they resorted to their ‘plan B’ which is protecting the “weapons of the resistance”. It began by targeting the gullible and claiming that the protests are as usual a US-Israeli conspiracy pushed forward by Samir Geagea to ultimately strip the resistance of its weapons. In addition to that, there is a third method which is coercing people mentally and physically to prevent them from achieving what they yearn for and keep them down; and of that there are many examples that have been displayed on TV and social media.

In short, living in the Dahye means that dignity derives only from the “weapons of resistance” and the service of the Wilayat al-Faqih, and the rest is inconsequential. Even if you lived by procuring water and electricity from the mob itself; on the basis of “Good men always suffer, you have to endure all the calamities, and even bear proxy-wars, until the day you meet your maker.

خلوة بين عون والحريري.. اليكم التفاصيل
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