«Lamma Tgheebi»: A ray of Light in the cities night

لما تغيبي
A review of Ahmad Ka'bour's new Album written by Ali Al Amine

In his new work “Lamma tgheebi”, Ahmad Ka’abour conveyed a genuine and humanistic message. He let his readers receive his letters that burst in nostalgic grief to a city that brought dreams, victory, and disappointment alike.  The memory of Beirut, which is masterfully invoked and reawaked by Ka’abour transforms into a fantasy that livens our own thoughts and dreams of a life filled with joys between those moments of sorrow.

Ka’abour belongs to the rare species of artists who appeal to the common Lebanese sorrow in a test of humanity. His works discover feelings underneath the silence as well as deep within the depths of cruelty.

«Lamma Tgheebe» is the new album Ahmad Ka’abour presents to his public, he recently signed his new album at Dar Al Nemer for Art and Culture in the presence of fans and friends. He introduced the signing with a performance of 2 of the songs that were presented in a video clip. One was dedicated to Beirut in a letter of love and devotion to the city and to all of those who helped shape its artistic history of music and theatre from the Rahbani Brothers, Toufiq Basha, Shou Shou, Sabah, Mohamad Shamel and others… The other was a song performed by Shantal Bitar, and ever so beautifully written by Sawsan Mortada, was dedicated to those who were abducted and still missing from the Lebanese civil war.

Ka’abour also performed on stage the song “Min A’tak el Hak” which he directed towards all despots in the world.

The singer entertains us with his artistic temperament, the tenor of his voice that unlocks the sense of hearing, and opens on to a horizon in which he arranges the stars and awakens the soul from dormancy. «Lamma Tgheebe» is more than a song and more beautiful than an idea, it is a call to live with kindness and love, and a test of the human emotion through artistic taste and its fragrance.

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