Sayyed al-Amine on al-Nakba of Palestine: Our defeat is cultural, not military.

According of Islamic thinker Sayyed Muhammad Hassan al-Amine, the Arab defeat, which took place 69 years ago with the occupation of the land of Palestine by the Zionist enemy, was not only a military defeat, but a scientific and cultural defeat.

On the 69th anniversary of the Palestinian Nakba, and its occupation by the Zionist enemy, it is said that there are many reasons and things that cannot be enumerated, but our view is that these external and internal political reasons are not the true cause of the successive setbacks and defeats experienced by the Arab nations. These defeats are also not because of the strength of the Israeli enemy. As a result of the decline and the brutality of the defeats, we felt that there was a significant imbalance in the scales of power between us and the enemy. This has happened over many decades from 1948 till the last Israeli occupation of Lebanese territory.

“What we wish to say is that these defeats, as I have indicated, were not caused by the enemy, but ourselves.  we are the ones who caused these defeats. We exaggerated the strength of the enemy and the international support of the Israeli entity and its protection. Truth is, the Nakba occurred in 1948 after the defeat of the Arab armies. However, this is not to say that the Arab armies where not powerful and able, but the policies of their regimes were always governed by international forces. The same forces that wanted to plant these Zionist entities on our land.

After that defeat, says Sayyed al-Amine: “Arabs were also plagued with authoritarian regimes who raised the well known slogan: “No sound blows higher than the horns of battle”. This means the priority is always the Arab Palestinian cause above any national, political, or societal cause. From that, the Arab regimes began to enforce their powers and their reigns over the region using the false slogan of Palestine. The slogan “No sound blows higher than the horns of battle” served as a dictum to suppress all shapes of liberation and rebellion, especially the voices that called for freedom and democracy which enabled Arab regimes to contain the influence of the masses. This inevitably caused following Israeli victories to occur easily and without struggle which lead to the myth that the Israeli army is undefeatable.” “Before we refute this myth, we would like to state that the slogan that was used to hinder the development and progress of these Arab societies was a false slogan merely claimed by these regimes which never intended to act upon it.”

“The Arab people have been deceived by this slogan in many Arab countries until the successive surprises and humiliating defeats began in the critical war of 1967, whose loser was the main promoter of the slogan we mentioned. It was a defeat for Egypt that was followed by many defeats later on. Perhaps the Palestinians were the first to discover the deception of the Arab regimes; hence the slogan of the “armed national struggle” after the despair of Arab armies and rulers was raised by the Palestinians. This choice of reclaiming the reigns of the Palestinian cause was the right path for the Palestinian resistance to take especially after the misuse of this cause by the Arab regimes reached a point of treason. However, despite the validity of the Palestinian decision in the armed struggle against the Zionist entity, this approach was met by violence and persecution from the Arab regimes more than what it received from Israel itself. In spite of that, the path of resistance remained a priority at that time and the national Palestinian resistance achieved commendable feats of resistance and fortitude but not to say convincing victories against the Israelis. However, if we were to mention the advantages, the most notable would be the fall of the false slogan; even though it happened regrettably at a later stage of the struggle during the tragic period caused by consecutive losses and blows caused by the Arab regimes. Hence, here I claim that the path to liberation will take its more serious step only when the political orientation of the Arab countries develops and matures, and when the Arab nations realize that our defeats were defeats of civilization and not military

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