Who must we believe?

Mohammad Abdel Hamid Baydoun shared a post on Facebook regarding the recent activities of Hezbollah along the Lebanese southern border.

Through military parades across the Lebanese southern borders, Hezbollah attempts to send a clear message to the world that the dominion over the south and its borders belongs to them while their supreme leader faces for the first time in a decade pressures and threats by the US government concerning his role in destabilizing security in the region. These actions seek to undermine the authorities of 4 different countries and replace them with the rule of Iranian militias. Lead by the Iranian revolutionary guard, these actions reflect the influence of the leader and his aspirations to expand the empire of a country whose majority lives under the poverty line. Its economy, although oil producing, is unable to recover due to corruption at home and the squandering of money on militias, weapons, and proxy-wars abroad.

For the first time in 11 years, Hezbollah has once again placed Lebanon and what is left of its infrastructure and economy in risk of a full-fledged war. All that only to remind the United States that the supreme leader still holds the cards in the region, and that he will not back off in Syria nor anywhere else. In addition, declaring that Iran ties its fate with the influence it has achieved and paid billions of dollars for, and that it is not prepared to back down or retreat without a war far greater than the sectarian battle it has already ignited in the region. It should be considered that Iran has paid for the Assad regime, since 2011, no less than 50 billion dollars excluding what it pays to Hezbollah, the Houthies, the Iraqi militias, and sabotage operations in Bahrain and others.

Prime Minister Hariri was alerted to the dangers of Hezbollah’s actions and what they might cause Lebanon in a situation comparable to what occurred in 2006. This time however, the confrontations are broader and more severe. Lebanon will not find any solidarity if it allows Hezbollah any sort of adventuring along its borders. In a move of exceptional courageousness, Hariri went to these southern borders to reaffirm that the sovereignty of the state belongs to Lebanon alone and not Hezbollah, and that Lebanon will not allow any messages or schemes that will only reap devastation in line to that in Syria. Hariri also affirmed Lebanon’s commitment to Resolution 1701 and that the implementation of this resolution will be completed with all its deferred items, some of which have been so for over 11 years.

Does sovereignty belong to Lebanon or Hezbollah? It is difficult to decide who to believe. However, we speak to all parties saying that the last thing Lebanon needs, especially the south, the government, and the people of all their categories, is another “Divine Victory” or an “if only I knew”. All that ,knowing it is exhausted and isolated as well as being knee deep in political and military problems.

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