Marking the 42nd Anniversary of the Civil War

Journalist Salwa Fadel writes an article about the 42nd anniversary of the Lebanese civil war

42 years ago on this day the war that was deemed civil erupted in Lebanon and lasted 15 years. It was a war that took the lives of thousands and injured thousands more as well as causing many disappearances, some of whose fates remain unknown till this day. The spark that triggered the following events occurred in Ain El-Remmene, and spread during the following 15 years to numerous different areas. It spread throughout all political and sectarian axes and divided the country even further. It caused a displacement so severe; the number of immigrants surpassed the number of remaining Lebanese residents at that time.

Despite its official cease in 1990 through the decleration of ‘Al-Taif’, the political strife still prevented Lebanese from reuniting under new political paths, and kept them in their unchanged factions and divided them even further. One of the final chapters of this conflict occurred yesterday when these same political leaders failed to deliver, once again, a new electoral law that is fitting to the Lebanese citizen. This has led civil groups to prepare once again to take to the streets and demand that they retain their basic civil right of election, and to decide who represents them in the parliament that has already extended its mandate twice. This same parliament that was elected in 2009 was about to move further with a third extension had it not been for the constitutional interference of president Aoun last night. Hoping that on the next anniversary of the 13th of April, we will have rid ourselves of this ruling junta.

«حزب الله» الشيوعي
عون علّق الأزمة بتعليق عمل المجلس النيابي مدة شهر