Top 10 unregulated and unlawful markets that dominate Lebanon!

زحمة سير على محطات البنزين

“Nothing works in Lebanon, unless it’s illegal!”. These following are some of the many unlawful activities that dominate the country:

  1. The market exchange rate for the dollar is “unregulated” and is a product of a black market, but it reflects the real price compared to the “official” price which is non-existent.
  2. There is no gasoline under the official price.  You can’t fuel up your car at a gas station, but there is more than enough illegal black-market gasoline at 3 to 4 times the price.
  3. There are no real dollars in the banks, but those who buy your Banker’s Checks for a third of its value will find fresh dollars in return for it. For instance, if they knew someone in the bank, they would pass it over to them, and share the remaining two thirds of value that were unlawfully taken from you. Once its in their hands, they will have access to the dollars.
  4. State electricity production is very scarce, but unregulated neighborhood generators have as much electricity as you need for many multiples the price.
  5. The state has succeeded in turning legal subsidies, in their infinite wisdom, to one of the most disastrous policies. Subsidies are almost exclusively smuggled or stored illegally. They caused excessively long lines, conflicts, and instability. This even caused many citizens to reject subsidies and call for their lifting.
  6. Legally procured medicine has become a rarity, as the majority of it is smuggled or stockpiled. On the other hand, expats bringing in medicine in an unlawful manner has become the go to for most patients who are in dire need.
  7. State supplied water is no longer reaching people’s homes, whereas private water tankers are providing illegally procured water for almost all citizens for hefty prices.
  8. Most Lebanese exports to Syria are happening through unprotected boarders, whereas the bulk of smuggling is going through official border crossings!
  9. The lawful state military does not rule in Lebanon, and it does not provide safety and security. Instead, the security is controlled by unlawful arms of militias.
  10. There is no lawful government in Lebanon. It has lost all popular support and representation after October 2019. Those who rule Lebanon today, are forces that impose themselves by maintaining the status quo which ensures their positions. They are propped up by unlimited support from external forces and unlawful internal militias.
النصب داخل الوسط الفني.. شخص ينتحل اسم الفنان المصري أحمد فهمي
بعد نقابة المحامين.. اهالي ضحايا انفجار المرفأ يُطالبون القاضي خوري بالتنحي!