Hariri and Aoun Lost, Did Lebanon Win?

سعد الحريري ميشال عون

The resignation of Saad Hariri was not a victory for President Michel Aoun, and it certainly wasn’t one for Hariri either. Both failed together. On the other hand, Lebanon scored a victory point in that it ensured that the upcoming solution can no longer be a traditional one such as recycling the same political class with new cabinet formations. This traditional method of maintaining constant division and uniting only on sharing financial power and preserving it now been rejected by the population, despite few who remain vehemently adherent to their sectarian leaders.

Neither Mikati nor Anyone can Follow up Hariri!

Repeating the same process will only chart the same outcome. That outcome is none other than the ongoing collapse. Their search for a successor for Hariri will be in vain. Neither Mikati nor Salam will accept a temporary assignment such as currently possible due to the upcoming parliamentary elections. Only Minister Faisal Karami would agree, in hopes of joining the coveted Prime Minister’s Club. However, he will be unable to form a cabinet without the support of the Sunni Majority. Even if such a cabinet was formed, it will not be able to govern. Meanwhile, the remaining time of the Presidential term is currently too little to be able to resolve any kind of key issue in the current circumstances.

This political class looks but cannot see and hears but cannot listen. It has abandoned completely its conscience. It has led Lebanon into collapse with its mismanagement and corruption that it still believes are part of the solution. Lebanese today are facing a series of blows from all directions. Their future is bleak, and their security is at stake. A true president must be able to retain trust on the local and the international level. Otherwise, he/she would not be able to withstand the upcoming blows awaiting the country and his rein.

Salvation is still not in yet in sight. The solution starts with movement on the ground, increased awareness from within, and some compelled—non-military—foreign support.

اجمل ما عند عارف ياسين
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