Lebanon’s Free Fall

اهلا بك في لبنان - مطار رفيق الحريري الدولي - كورونا

The “Free Fall” we’ve warned about for over a year and a half is fast approaching. Lebanon is being pushed towards this free fall as a result of long months of suffering from poverty and hardship by its people. This free fall resembles, and is also a result of, the free fall of the Lira exchange rate against the dollar. What follow are crises of fuel, transportation, electricity, internet blackouts, as well as medicine and food shortages. The people are revolting all across the land, and many youth have lost hope and some have been driven towards suicide.

Societies’ last lines of  defense are in danger. Total security collapse is at risk. The army will experience a massive shock due to its inability to subsidize the transportation costs for its members who are no longer able to even afford a decent living with the ongoing currency collapse. Will they be able to absorb the incoming chaos? And in these current conditions? Will they be able to extinguish the imminent explosions when the people turn the country into Sodom and Gomorra?

Hezbollah will not be able to maintain social security even within their environment, nor will they be able to suppress the prevailing sentiment. No “Sajjad” co-op cards will ever be enough to feed an entire population! Even if they secured milk, grain, and oil, they will not be able to help people retain their dollar denominated living expenses. Who will then provide car repairs, electricity, plumbing, or anything else priced in dollars? The people of Dahyeh, South, and Beqaa will independently revolt!

From Financiers to Panhandlers

In the era of President Michel Aoun, every line of defense collapsed with no end in sight. Medicines are missing, foods are scarce, and the Lebanese people have gone from financiers to panhandlers waiting in endless queues to receive their daily essentials. They went from being pampered to being humiliated, as they continue to pay the bill of the corrupt political class, and the worst managers any country has ever seen in history! The Lebanese people are still subject to the largest banking theft in history, just as they were the victims of the biggest non-nuclear explosion in history! The result has been a tremendous downfall and disintegration of the state. The public is approaching mass hysteria! Who will be able to prevent it?

قوة معادية تُطلق النار على جدران منتزه في الوزاني.. بسبب تصويرها بهواتف موظفين!
بالفيديو.. صرخة ألم لمواطنة في العباسية: يدوسون على أوجاعنا!