France has had Enough of Lebanese Obstinance! Are Sanction on the Table?

ماكرون من قصر الصنوبر

It appears that the French and Europeans have had enough of the Lebanese politicians and their destructive practices that have led to the collapse of their country. With the persistence of their obstinance and obstruction of all efforts attempting to revive the country, talks of sanctions against have begun to surface. Georges Malbrunot, a French journalist specialized in Middle Eastern affairs, has indicated that France wants a government to be formed as soon as possible to allow the implementation of reforms and timely parliamentary elections, adding that: “the French President does not have a magic wand.”

Malbrunot, in a televised interview, said that: “There is no time to waste. The situation in Lebanon is tragic, and a government must be formed. I think that the ambitions of France have diminished because of the obstinance of the Lebanese.”

He pointed out that France was preparing to undertake massive development projects in the port and other sectors, and it was not alone in that. Many European countries also had project proposals of their own.

When it came to sanctions, he said that they would require a consensus of 27 European countries on the mechanism of the sanctions and their implementation which makes the matter complex.

He stressed that the priority for Lebanon is to form a government first and figure out the Hezbollah issue later. This comes as solving the two problems simultaneously complicates matters exponentially and might take years.

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