Cries for Aid: Aoun Blames Refugees while Diab Appeals to Lebanese Hospitality!

دياب عون

As the country continues to face economic, financial, and security-level collapse due to the corruption and absence of accountability by the ruling authority, the President and his political party continue to attempt to circumvent all kinds of responsibility towards the deepening crisis. As the rope tightens around the necks of the Lebanese people, the President and his staff are attributing the effects of the collapse of the economy and the national currency to the Syrian refugees.

On Tuesday, March 30th, President Michel Aoun said: “Lebanon, which hosts the largest percentage of Syrian refugees per capita, has reached a point of exhaustion as a result of the strain they continue to cause.”

Aoun’s statement came during his meeting with the representative of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees in Lebanon (UNHCR) Ayaki Ito at the Presidential Palace in Baabda.

Meanwhile, Acting Prime Minister Hassan Diab reached out to the international community, and attempted to persuade them to support Lebanon by appealing to Lebanon’s “Lebanese hospitality and generosity” by saying: “The Lebanese are distinguished and extraordinary, and the Syrian crisis cannot be resolved without the help of the Lebanese people..” He also praised the tenacity of the Lebanese and their generous hospitality.

During his participation in a conference to aid Syrians in Brussels, yesterday, on Tuesday he added: “10 years following the Syrian crisis, the situation is not encouraging. Certainly, displacement constitutes a great burden on the Lebanese economy… the difficult conditions in Lebanon reflect on Syrian refugees as well.”

“The Lebanese deserve the support of the United Nations and the international community.” He concluded.

Both Diab and Aoun are working hard on urging the international community to extend some of the aid the Syrian refugees are receiving to the Lebanese population as well. The question that arises from this scenario is: “Are the impacts of the corruption in Lebanon just as destructive as the Syrian war?”

عون يقرّ بالفشل: «يا ريت ورتت بستان جدي وما عملت رئيس»!
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