Major Concerns in France over Security in Lebanon

لبنان فرنسا

As the Economic and living conditions continue to worsen in Lebanon, French diplomats continue to observe the developments in the Lebanese situation. They warn of the perils of not forming a cabinet soon. In an interview with MTV News, a French journalist from “France Inter” Christian Chennau confirmed that there is a great concern in France over the developments in Lebanon.

He said: “Macron’s repeated visits to Lebanon are because of him not wanting to see Lebanon fail economically and socially.” Adding that “there are additional security risks, and that is what we fear most: Episodes of violence breaking out destabilizing the country and the region which has had enough as it is… Especially when looking at the instability in Syria!”

Chennau also recalled the statements of the French Foreign Minister, Jean-Yves Le Drian, in which he accused Lebanese officials of not serving their people and saving them from dangerous outcomes.

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